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ManiMe Chair

Oscar was kindly sent the cutest bamboo monkey chair from ManiMe Kids. The best addition to his room which he loves. Although this chair is a little more special. It has been designed to encourage independent dressing.

Oscar is nearly two and getting dressed in the morning can sometimes be difficult with the terrible twos kicking in! I have found with the ManiMe chair if I lay out his clothes for the day it makes it more exciting for him and he will happily sit and get ready. He will even put his trousers on himself now and this is definitely thanks to the chair, usually he is a typical toddler who loves to run about in just a nappy. You can fit everything on the chair, there is slots and places to hang shirts, socks, jackets and even a hook on the back to hang things straight from wardrobe.

I have recently started to make a little game for him at night where we choose his outfit for the next day and I get him to set it all out on the chair which he is really enjoying. Definitely makes my morning more organised too, can imagine this being great with older children getting them out the house for school in the morning.

I have linked their website below, check them out. They also do Tigers, Bears and Pandas, so cute!

Chloe x

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